What is Islam and who is Muslim?

August 21, 2015
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Who we are? What is Islam and who is Muslim?

We are Muslims, Muslim is a person who lives his life according to Allah’s desire and always follow the guidelines of Allah through Quran.

What is our Religion?

We are Muslims and our religion is Islam. Islam is a word of Arabic language which means peace and submission. By following the orders of Allah we will get peace in this life and in the hereafter.

What does it mean by “Surrendering our Will”

“Surrendering our Will” to Allah means that we follow Allah’s order, instead of, following our own desires which makes us obedient to Allah. Allah wants us to keep ourselves out of the bad things and sins which are forbidden us to do. This is what Allah wants us to do and to be like.

What kind of peace do we obtain by adopting Islam

The peace we obtain from Islam is:
• In our community peace takes place as we all know Islam teaches us to live as human beings and to respect and love one another.
• In ourselves we create peace by the commandments of Allah, Allah gives us peace in our hearts. We also have the assurance of Allah that he is with us and guides and helps us this life and give us success in hereafter.
• A world peace also get better if all mankind live as a one nation. All of us are brothers and sisters as Islam teaches to help and care to one another when they are in time of need. This our obligation to help out all the mankind so we could earn good reward against that and it will also makes peace in society and if all nations do the same then we can have world peace.
• If we obey Allah’s commands then Allah grants us Paradise. Islam’s five pillars are Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sacrifice and Hajj 2016 London Service while umrah 2016 is a sunnah which we adopts to follow as Prophet Muhammad’s act and Allah says to the Muslims by his messengers to follow these things.
Islam is not a Religion it’s a “Deen”
It is not a religion Islam is a Deen which means a complete way of lifestyle. It tells us how to live life whole day (24/7) and a week (7 days). We don’t need to be Muslim for a specific day. We have to be Muslim every day.

Islam is a new Religion or old Religion?

Islam is the religion which Allah has sent to us by all his Prophets. All nations we guided to follow Allah, to worship Allah and, to understand Allah. Quran is an authentic which will not change and were not change by anyone once it published. Before Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) nation all other nations got misunderstand Islam and put their own way by giving new names.

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