Akhira – The Hereafter

December 22, 2015

The word Akhira means the life after death (Hereafter), the word Akhira is commonly used in Islam. The world literally means to believe in the end and in the hereafter. Akhira is explained in many previous religions as the end. Also the hereafter but some religion denies the Akhira. Most likely people denies it who have enough from this world and are in way of despair. These people are advised to read Quran and try to understand it. There is no better way of understanding the life itself until you read Quran;

Akhira is a word which explains about the life too. It basically explains that there is hereafter. What we are doing is not going to go into hereafter with us, this means. The worldly desires and everything we do in it like we try to feed ourselves our family. Everything is just going to stay here but the only thing we will take with us are good deeds. The good deeds are giving Zakat, offering daily prayers, talking to people in a good way, having good attitude. It means to do good with everyone. The bad deeds whereas a stand for the bad things.

The first that comes is always the lust. Everything that seems bad is bad and they are consider bad deeds. Many people travel for Hajj and Umrah in order to repent for these sins they have done. To ask forgiveness to Allah for them. Therefore we have many Umrah Packages 2016.

The Akhira is a very complicated thing. An individual cannot just believe in Akhira therefore you have to read Quran in order to understand the concept of Akhira. To read is to learn and to learn is good deed therefore learning Quran and teaching it to others is also another good thing. Basically Quran itself is goodness of Allah upon Mankind, and to learn it is mandatory for every Muslim and Non-Muslim. It teaches us so many things and the greatness of it knows now bound, everything we do and everything we try to learn is explained in Quran, so read it and learn it and adapt.


The individual who does this is considered a very good person in the eyes of mankind, but turning it in your own views, explaining Quran with your own views and words is good, but changing the statement of Quran is indeed the most sinful thing, so be vary of what you are about to tell. We are dealing with many things in order for the people to move on the right path and therefore we have made many plans in order for the people to go to Makkah and perform their Umrah and therefore our Cheap Umrah Packages 2016 excels every other package out there.

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