Importance of Hajj in the Life of Muslim’s

April 27, 2016
Significance of Mina

Hajj Importance in Muslim’s Life

Islam is the religion of Peace and Harmony. Islam stands on five main pillars. Hajj is in 0ne of those five pillars. So Hajj importance is a necessary knowledge that ever Muslim should keep in his mind. First of all Hajj is necessary for every Muslim once in his life. A Muslim whose Physical fitness and Wealth allows him or her to do so. Hajj importance is a mandatory mindset that every Muslim keep in his mind. Zil-Hajj is the performance month of Hajj. A Muslim who feel that he or she is eligible for Hajj must consider to obey this Holy Ritual.

History of Hajj

Hajj is a Holy Ritual which is started by one of the Prophet of Allah named as Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s). Allah ordered his Prophet to build Kabbah along his son Hazrat Ismail (a.s). So the both Prophets of Allah build this Holy place named as Kabbah. Then Allah ordered his Prophet to Visit some place faraway to preach Islam. So obeying the order of Allah Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) did it. Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) left his son and his wife Hazrat Hajira alone in the desert. In that hot summer and alone on desert the Prophet Ismail (a.s) started crying due to no availability of water.  Hazrat Hajira as a mother to his son started searching for water for his son.

In that desert she did not find any water. She climbed the nearest hill named as the AL-Safa. But did not find anything. Then she climb another hill named as “Al-Marwah” but did not find anything. In between this she ran between “Safa and Marwah” for his son. When Hazrat Hajira returned she found a Fountain splashing out from ground near his son Hazrat Ismail (a.s). Allah like the act of Hazrat Hajira and made a compulsory pillar of Islam to perform this in their life once.

Teaching and Hajj importance

Hajj importance is also compulsory because its teaching guide the Muslims to live in peace and harmony. Muslim unity can beat any force against them. Hajj is the occasion which shows that Muslims are united. As Muslims form all regions of the world unite together to perform this Holy Ritual. If you want to go for umrah with Ramadan umrah packages uk with luxury Hotel and Flight. You can contact with umrah experts.


As a result we conclude that Hajj Importance and completion not only fulfill an order given by Allah but it also guides Muslims to be united.

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