June 17, 2016
hajj packages

There are various people who go to Hajj every year. Without even knowing the restrictions, duties, and virtues of many actions performed in the Hajj season.  This is extremely very important that the person who intends to perform. Hajj should learn the basics of this act of worship including the obligatory actions. In case there is a chance to compensate for mistakes. it is necessary for you to learn both guidelines and registration process of Hajj.

Listed below are some of the guidelines and processes most of which are helped by various Hajj travel agents to ensure a pleasant journey for you by offering non shifting Hajj packages 2016 from London. However, you may still be aware of the following for registrations

Required Travel Documents


Advanced Hajj Registration System Hajj Registration

There are several Muslim communities besides Hajj travel agents who have registration systems. Advance registration process is available to register yourself before others. The AHRS allows the applicants to prepare early to acquaint themselves with the Hajj rites

Application Procedures

Applicant must register him or her (self) individually. Applicants must produce their identity card or other identification documents for example passport. The relevant supporting documents if this is essential. you have to register fot this process once..

You must keep in mind that the Ministry of Hajj has warned against dealing with any company no matter what they claim to be after availing Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2016 from Manchester and has made it clear that the internet portal is the only place for Hajj registration and payment to confirm that there is no price manipulation or its increment.

As a result Proper guidance is necessary before performing Hajj.

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