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Package Itinerary

Hajj Packages Nights Destination Transport
Economy Hajj packgaes 5 Nights Madinah Offerd
Economy Hajj packgaes 3 Nights Azizya Offerd
Economy Hajj packgaes 3 Nights Mina Offerd
Economy Hajj packgaes 1 Night Arafat Offerd
Economy Hajj packgaes 3 Nights Mina Offerd

Package Itinerary 4 Star 14 Days Hajj Package

Hajj 2015 Full Itinerary

The international flight leading towards the Medinah, rather than the Jeddah will start the holy excursion of the pilgrims. The ID and Badges would be supplied to every member of the group, to keep it easy for them to track the group. To wear these Badges and ID is advice to each member of the group from time of meeting at Heathrow to return from the Jeddah airport. The starting four days would spend in the Medinah and then will be transferred to Makkah through air conditioned coaches to perform the arrival Tawaaf. From the Harram, you will be directed to the Aziziyah and from there to the European Camp where the pilgrim will spend five most important days performing the customs of the Hajj. From the 15th Zill Hijjah (28th September) the pilgrim will again be picked through the air conditioned coaches for the return flights from Jeddah. The pilgrim may stay one extra week in accommodations in Makkah without any additional costs.

  • Please Check in at least 4 hours prior to departing.
  • Be careful while taking any reading or research material with you, as the Saudi authorities may keep them for a day or more for the research about the substance. So do not carry anything which may cause any hassle for you in the airport.

The pilgrims will be taken to the waiting lounge on arriving at the Medinah airport. Do anticipate from 2 to 4 hours at the airport as depend on the number of the pilgrim coming at a same time. On calling your name by the custom agent, it is your turn to come to the booth and answer some queries by him and then you will be asked to pick your luggage (you and the luggage would be in the same room, where the agent calls you). After picking your luggage, you will proceed to the check point where a routine search of bags will be conducted.

After checking of the bags, pilgrims will proceed towards a checkpoint where the bank draft will be taken from them and will be supplied with a voucher sticker, which would include the bus fare for the transportation during the Hajj rites. The Muallam draft for his services are separately charged. As you have utilized the subjected services, the stickers would be removed from your card right at the point and bar code would be scanned to the documents as a prove that you have used the service.

14th September-18th September 2015

The pilgrims will be accommodated from 14th September to 18th September 2015, in a 4 star accommodation in Medinah, which is just at a distance of 5 minutes from Masjid Al Nabvi.


Other than your prayers at Masjid Al Navi, you will be taken on the leadership of our guide to visit:

  • Al Baki’a Cementery (Males only)
  • To offer prayers at Masjid e Quba
  • The mountain of Uhud (site for Uhud’s Battle)
  • The Masjid Al Qiblateen
  • The site of battle of Trench, the Seven Mosques


The pilgrims need to enter in Ahram from the hotel, the Meeqat do falls in the way, as you are not allowed to enter in Ahram after Meeqat, but you can do so before that point. It is, therefore, suggested to perform the Ghusl from the hotel before leaving for the Makkah.


When moving to the Makkah, the pilgrims must be in the prescribed Ahram and must continue proclaiming Talbiyah as often as they can. The Talbiyah must be recited with great enthusiasm and fondness, when you enter in the Makkah.

Aziziyah will be your accommodation during your stay in the Makkah. As the pilgrim will spend more time in tents away Haram, this is the reason that the pilgrim will be accommodated in the Aziziyah apartments. Moreover, the greater part of the building around the Kaabah has been demolished due to the expansion of the Haram. From this location, Jamarat is at about 15 minutes walk. The Aziziyah is 4 km away from the Haram and 6-7 km from the tents. Only the Tawaf al Qudum and the Tawaaf al Ifadah are performed at the Haram. In the same building of the Aziziyah, male and female will be accommodated separately. The size of each room will determine the number of pilgrims accommodating in that. It will be operated as a first come first take basis (early booking will be in a less occupant room).

You will reside at Makkah Al-Mukaramah Al-Azizyah Al-Shamalia *Sidqi Street (The way to Jamarat) *Al- Ma’erefa Street *Opposite to Talha Ebn Obied Allah’s School *Beside Hamzah Mosque. As the Aziziyah has been just on a 10-15 minutes distance from the Jamarat, so the pilgrim may freely use them during their stay in Makkah and even in Mina tents.

On arriving Makkah after a short break to rest and freshen-up you will be directed to the Haram to perform Tawaf ul Qudom (arrival Tawaaf) and the Saee. After that you will be taken to your accommodations.


Sunday 20th September 2015 (7th Zul Hijjah 1436H)


The pilgrims may put on the Ahram form the accommodations rather than going back to the Meeqat again.

  • Make the intention of the Hajj.
  • Remain in Minah on the Tarawiyah day (8th Zil Hijjah) and say five prayers there starting from the Zuhr prayer on 8th and ending on Fajr prayer of the subsequent day of Arafat.
  • All prayers (except Maghrib and Fajr) are shortened and offered at their time.


Going to Arafat Tuesday 22nd September 2015 (9th Zul Hijjah 1436 H)


By the time of Maghrib prayer, the pilgrim will set off for the Muzdalifah, without offering the Maghrib prayer there.

Wednesday 23rd September 2015 (10th Zul Hijjah 1436 H)

On the 10th Zil Hijjah, the pilgrims will return to the Mina and perform Qurbani after stoning the devil monument erected at Jamarat. Some of the sacred places, such as Jamarat, maybe over crowded, which may be daunting for the elders or fail. At such a place, one may be separated from the family or friends. You should make a note of your location and should decide a meeting point in case you separated from your family of the friends. The Hajj rituals are physically demanding even for the fit ones. The pilgrims will go for the Tawaaf al Ifadah and Saee after the stoning to complete the rituals.

Please note the following:


  • After offering Fajar prayer in the Mina, the pilgrim will proceed to Arafat.
  • There the Imam will lead Zuhr prayer with one Azan and two Iqamah, combined and shortened.
  • Until the sunset, time will be spent in prayer and supplications there.
    • At the time of Isha, Maghrib and Isha prayers will be offered combined and shortened with one Azan and two Iqamah.
    • After the prayer, pick at least 70 pebbles to throw at the Sattan monuments in the Mina.
    • It is preferred to stay overnight in Muzdalifah, yet the weak and women may leave after the midnight.
    • What to expect in Madinatu Al Hujjaj (Hajj Terminal)
    • On reaching the Hajj terminal, the pilgrims will stay in the waiting hall at the airport. Do expect a waiting time of 10 to 12 hours as depending on the time and the number of the pilgrims.
    • On calling your name by the custom agent, it is your turn to come to the booth and answer some queries by him and then you will be asked to pick your luggage (you and the luggage would be in the same room, where the agent calls you). After picking your luggage, you will proceed to the check point where a routine search of bags will be conducted.
    • On receiving your tickets do check them carefully and inform us if any error is there. We are not liable to you for the any problem arise later.
    • Qurbani is included in the price of Hajj (cost approximately £75 – £80 per Hajj)
    • On arriving in Saudi Arabia, the authorities will take your passport and give you a receipt. They will keep it for the time you are performing the Hajj and return your passport to you on your departure.
    • We strongly advise you to keep a copy of your passport with you all the times and also keep address and the telephone number of your accommodation with you(Provided in the back of your ID).
    • The dual nationality is not recognized by the Saudi Authorities and therefore, may confiscate second passport. The pilgrims must be aware that the Hajj authorities may hold them from the group due to this reason, and they can be separated from the family on hold a different passport to them.
    • Those traveling other than the British passport is not entitled to consult the British Consulate-General. The British nationals, either traveling on any non British passport must be sure that all British visas or other endorsements are clearly shown on the passport.
    • Before leaving the UK, any documentation required to re-enter in the UK must be obtained to avoid any delay in returning.
    • Starting from the Heathrow airport, you must wear the ID all the time.
    • Please do not peel off the sticker from the back of your passport for the security reasons.
    • The pilgrims using any medication must bring an adequate supply of the medicines with them, with the doctor’s prescription describing the medication. This is helpful in avoiding custom problems.
    • Minimize the baggage as you are going to move a lot. The clothes of either style may be purchased from the Saudi Arabia, which are really cheaper than the UK (Currency exchange is approximately £1 = 5.5 SR). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.
    • May Allah sweet accept your Hajj, give you best reward and make it easy for you. Amin.
    • Visit our website for a complete itinerary
    • A discount of £250 is available for under 12’s from the package price.
    • All kids will have their own beds.
    • Prices are for the four sharing rooms in Medinah and varying room sizes in Makkah.
    • Qurbani is included in the package price.
    • All published prices are per person.
    • If traveling on our set group dates, meet and assist at the airport upon arrival. Those traveling on their own dates, will make their own way to the accommodations.
    • For Shariah assistance, an experienced Imam (Mualim) will guide pilgrims throughout the Pilgrimage.
    • Each person will receive a convertible sofa bed and covering along with a pillow in the Mina.
    • You will have an exclusive access to disabled toilet for your comfort in Mina and Arafat.
    • Excursions to Ziyarat in Madinah will be guided by educated and skilled multilingual guides speaking both English and Arabic.
    • In case of circumstances beyond our control, if necessary, the fares may be changed without any prior notice. All fares are correct at the time of printing.
    • The airline fares are special Hajj fares and once the ticket is issued, these cannot be changed or refunded.


  • WI_FI
  • swimming pool
  • television
  • coffee
  • air conditioning
  • fitness facility
  • fridge
  • fridge
  • smoking allowed
  • entertainment
  • secure vault
  • pick and drop
  • room service
  • pets allowed
  • play place
  • complimentary breakfast
  • Free parking
  • conference room
  • fire place
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Doorman
  • Hot Tub
  • Elevator in Building
  • Suitable for Events

4 Star 14 Night Hajj PackageAlnoor Travel

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