14 Days 5 Star Hajj Package

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  • 5 Star
  • 14 Nights
  • Offered
  • Quad Room
  • Offered
  • Offered
  • Available
  • Offered

Package Itinerary

Hajj Packages Nights Destination Transport
5 Star Hajj Package 5 Nights Makkah Offerd
5 Star Hajj Package 3 Nights Madinah Offerd
5 Star Hajj Package 3 Nights Mina Offered
5 Star Hajj Package 3 Nights Azizyah Offered
5 Star Hajj Package --- --- ---

    Package Includes:

  1. Direct flight on Saudi Airlines or British Airways
  2. Hajj Visa Included
  3. Hajj Draft Included
  4. 5 Star Makkah Hotel – Grand Zam Zam / Fairmont clock Tower or Similar
  5. 5 Star Madinah Hotel – Anwar Al Moevenpick or Similar
  6. Hajj Ministry Transport
  7. Ziyarat in Madinah
  8. VIP A/C European tents in Min with sofa bed, pillow and blanket – Full Board
  9. VIP A/C tents in Arafat
  10. Guidance included by fully qualified religious guide
  11. English speaking guide
  12. Pre Hajj Seminar prior to departure
  13. Cancellation – a. The package is fully non-refundable up to 8 weeks before departure. b. Any cancellation prior to this is refundable but the deposit will be used as cancellation charges. c. The minimum deposit for each person is £1000.00.
  14. Your health, safety and security are your responsibility. The security and safety of your belongings are also your responsibility.
  15. As a prerequisite of Hajj is being physically able to carry out the demands of the journey, you agree that you are able both physically and medically.
  16. You accept the itinerary and these terms in their entirety.
  17. This agreement supersedes any previous agreement or arrangement whether verbal or written. The services stipulated here is what was finally agreed upon.

Package Itinerary

Day – 1: (04/05 Sept) – 3th /4th Dhul Hijjah – Meet at Heathrow Airport flight to Jeddah

You will be met and assisted at London Heathrow. Throughout your journey you will have staff from the UK assisting and guiding you for your convenience. On arrival at the Saudi Hajj Terminal we will proceed through immigration. Please note during Hajj there can be a waiting time of over six hours. Once clearing customs the group will make their way to Makkah, upon check-in to your 5* Hotel, we will leave to perform Umrah.

Day – 2: (06 Sept) – 5th Dhul Hijjah – Rest day at Hotel

Spend your day resting at Hotel and performing Ibadah in the Haram.

Day – 3: (07 Sept) – 6th Dhul Hijjah – Rest day at Hotel

Spend your day resting at Hotel and performing Ibadah in the Haram.

Day – 4: (08 Sept) – 7th Dhul Hijjah – Leave for Mina

we will prepare to leave for Mina

Day – 5: (09 Sept ) – 8th Dhul Hijjah – Stay in Mina

This will be our first day in Mina during the day you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Mina and will also be given advice and lectures on the days to come.

Day – 6: (10 Sept ) – 9th Dhul Hijjah – Journey to Arafat for Muzdalifah

9th Dhul Hijjah is the day of Hajj, after fajr approx (08:00)hrs will leave for Arafat. We will spend all day in supplication and prayer and making Dua for forgiveness, you will also be given advice and lectures. At Magharib we will leave Arafat for Muzdalifah On arrival at Muzdhalifah we will pray Maghrib and Isha shortened and combined. We will then pick up stones for stoning of Shiyateen.

Day – 7: (11 Sept) – 10th Dhul Hijjah – Return to Mina

After Fajr will leave Muzdalifah and return back to Mina. From Mina we will leave as a group for Jamarat (Stoning). After Jamarat we will leave for hotels and await news for the completion of the Qurbani. We will then return back to the Mina Tents or proceed to complete tawaf and sai for hajj prior to returning back to the Mina tents. Note: On this day we will be walking a distance of anywhere around 10-15 miles.

Day – 8: (12 Sept) – 11th Dhul Hijjah – Second day of Jamarat

Second day of stoning on this day we as a group will stone all three Jamarats. Then the group will either go to Makkah to complete Tawaf Al Ziyarah or return back to Mina tents

Day – 9: (13 Sept) – 12th Dhul Hijjah – Third day of Jamarat

Third day of stoning. Once we have stoned all three jamarats we can then head back to our 5* Hotel Accommodation or you could stay in Mina to do another day of stoning

Day – 10: (14 Sept ) – 13th Dhul Hijjah – Rest day at Aziziyah

On the 13th Dhul Hijjah, spend your day resting in the hotel with a meeting to discuss the next stage of your Hajj 2016 stay and movement to Madinah.

Day – 11: (15 Sept) – 14th Dhul Hijjah – Journey to Madinah

We will check out of Makkah Hotel and make our way to Madinah. Please note, the journey time can take around 8 hours including rest stops at service stations depending on traffic. Upon arriving to Madinah, the group will check into our 5* Star hotel

Day – 12: (16 Sept) – 15th Dhul Hijjah–

Your can perform your own Ibadah & rest in hotel. The rest of the time will be spent in our Holy Prophets city in Ibadah and Ziyarat.

Day –13: (17 Sept) –16th Dhul Hijjah –

We will perform Ziyarat and you will need to be ready around 7.30am in the lobby.

Day – 14: (18 Sept) – 17th Dhul Hijjah – Journey to London

With your Hajj Package 2016 over, the group will check out of the Madinah hotel and depart from Saudi arabia and return to the UK


  • WI_FI
  • swimming pool
  • television
  • coffee
  • air conditioning
  • fitness facility
  • fridge
  • fridge
  • smoking allowed
  • entertainment
  • secure vault
  • pick and drop
  • room service
  • pets allowed
  • play place
  • complimentary breakfast
  • Free parking
  • conference room
  • fire place
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Doorman
  • Hot Tub
  • Elevator in Building
  • Suitable for Events

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